FREE Original Sketch with your order

I would like to express my deepest gratitude,
I am offering free sketches with your favorite SW character
if you purchase a "Dream Maker" art print.
Please specify your favorite SW character when you order.


Celebration Europe III
Special Art Print


Price : US$120

(includes shipping and handling)

  • * Limited edition offset &
    High-Quarity paper Vent Nouveau
  • * 250 piece hand-numbered edition
  • * Size same as the original artwork.
    728mm x 515mm (29' x 20')
  • * Sighed by artist Tsuneo Sanda
  • * Printed in Japan


*If the delivered art print had any stains and/or damages, please contact to:
*It will require about 3 weeks after the order is received. But in some cases 10 more additional days may have be taken, it depends on the postal service circumstances.
SW Inheritance

This artwork succeeds to the history from conventional Star Wars to Episode 7 I painted it as an image.
In addition, DNA of Darth Vader namely Skywalker has Rey and Kylo Ren I express what I succeed to. And, I take pride in this "SW Inheritance" artwork having been able to express Star Wars itself.

The Increase
Dream Maker
Tsunami / Yoda
Pray with Love